From worried to weaning warrior!

Are you ready to Uncover the Secrets of Safe and Confident Baby Weaning?

Do you want your Baby to Love Food? 

Let’s Make It Happen!

My weaning workshop is exactly what you need in your life right now!

The workshop is written and designed by me, a paediatric dietitian
and early years feeding specialist with over a decade of experience.

I feel totally clueless...!

So many parents that I speak to have the same worries…

…what should I do about allergies

…how can I reduce the risk of choking?

…how do I know how much food my baby should be eating?

…how do I know when to give milk feeds and meals?

What will I get from the workshop?

I really go through everything from first tastes through to their first birthday and beyond.

Laying down healthy eating habits: do you want your baby to turn into a child and then adult who makes good food choices, listens to their body and doesn’t rely on food for emotional support? We’re going to set you on the right path for that.

Getting great nutrition in: know which foods to be offering to give your baby the best start in life!

Allergies: how and when to introduce the allergens to reduce the chance of a reaction.

Baby Led vs Spoon feeding: how to do them and the pros and cons of the different approaches. You know your baby best so arm yourself with all the information and do what feels right.

Who is the Early Years Dietitian?

Lucy is a paediatric dietitian and early years feeding
specialist with over a decade of experience within the NHS and private sector. After a very confused and slightly anxious start to feeding her own daughter (many years ago now!) Lucy set about learning all things weaning so that she could help parents like herself to feel confident instead of stressed whilst offering foods to their babies.

As a single Mum of two children Lucy understands the need for feeding to fit into a busy life so everything she does is about making life easier for you! You won’t find unrealistic advice or a ton of complicated meal plans. Just simple advice that is easy to fit into your everyday, probably very
tired life!

Lucy has been featured in the media for publications such as the BBC, Asda Good Living and Nursery world. She has spoken at conferences such as The Baby Show and is currently working as the consulting expert on feeding for Hipp Organic UK. 

Time to get started?

If you’re eager to escape the confusion, build confidence, and kickstart a
positive connection between your baby and food, I’m here to support you through every step. Together, let’s turn your weaning experience into a joyful and triumphant adventure!