Toddlers to Teens

So you’ve made it through the weaning process – now what?! As our children grow and start to make decisions for themselves it’s important that we have instilled in them a love of good nutritious food that will help them to concentrate and reach their full potential at school and to lead a long healthy life.

So many of the parents I meet feel confused about what a good diet really is how they can actually get their child to eat it. Does any of this sound familiar…

  • Worrying about whether your child is eating the right amount.
  • Wishing your child would eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Getting frustrated at the constant requests for snacks and treats

What the Toddlers to Teens Workshop Covers

The Toddlers to Teens workshop is aimed at any parents of children from a year old all the way through to the teenage years and includes many of the common nutritional problems that parents are faced with and how to overcome them.

During the 2 hour session I go through the following:

  • General healthy eating guidelines for long term health
  • Maximising your child’s potential at school
  • Portion sizes
  • Essential nutrients and how to include them in the diet
  • Snacks
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Dairy intake: how much milk is enough
  • Ways to increase fruit and vegetable intake (and decrease fussy eating in general)
  • Keeping bowels regular

The price of the workshop is £25 and includes refreshments, information to take away plus follow up support afterwards.