Positive Mealtimes Package


The Programme. What’s it all about and most importantly what will you get out of it?

You will begin the process of reclaiming your dinner table. You will stop stressing about mealtimes. You will stop second guessing whether your child has had enough of the right kind of foods to eat. You will have a normal conversation at the dinner table without tears. You won’t be cooking different meals for everyone in the house any longer. Your child will be happier and so will you. To cut a long story short: you’ll be enjoying mealtimes again and you won’t be worrying about your child’s diet!

How will it work?

The programme is broken down into 6 different sections and each week will build on the week before. It is a combination of watching videos in your own time alongside support from me, whether that’s a ‘HELP ME LUCY!’ or just a ‘how do I do that again?!’ I will be there to guide you through.

Every Monday a video will be loaded onto the website and during the week there is a zoom call (with a cuppa or a wine depending on how our days have panned out!) where we chat through how you’ve found the week so far and you can fire your questions at me. There will also be 2 days every week where I am on hand to answer questions via email.






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