Positive Mealtimes Package:
3 appointments with support throughout

Would you like to see your child try new foods without bribing or constantly nagging them?

Does a relaxed happy mealtime without worry feel out of reach?

Both of these things are possible with the right help.


If mealtimes have become a battleground in your household and your child’s fussy eating is stopping you from enjoying dinner time with your family you are definitely not alone! So many families come to me with worries about their child’s eating habits, frustrated that they won’t try new foods and scared that they aren’t eating enough of the right foods for their health. We work together and put in place a tried and tested plan of action and we turn mealtimes into a positive experience that all the family can enjoy.

Mealtimes don’t HAVE to be a battle.

How does Positive Mealtimes work?

For 2 months you and I will work together to reclaim your dinner table. We will work towards reducing your stress levels and stop you worrying about whether your child is eating enough of the right foods. You won’t be cooking different meals for the whole house and you and your child will both be happier at the table.

Ahead of your first appointment I analyse videos of your child eating, a food diary and other important information in order to build a picture of why your child is displaying these eating behaviours. During your appointments we discuss how to move forward and put in place a plan that is easy to follow and fits with your personal circumstances. Between appointments I am on hand via email to ensure that you feel supported and can ask any questions that may arise.

I would LOVE for you to come and join me as I know we will achieve so much… so if you would like to book an appointment and make today the day that you make life easier you can do so below!


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For access to information including:

  • Why does fussy eating happen
  • Assessing your child’s growth
  • Understanding your child’s food preferences
  • Laying the foundations of change
  • Getting the right nutrients even on a limited diet
  • Understanding your child’s appetite
  • How to talk about food with your child
  • Getting your child involved
  • Learning to love food through messy play
  • How to successfully offer new foods
  • Menu planning

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